Renting/leasing in Suriname

RE/MAX Suriname is your best option for professional, personal and expert assistance with the rental and leasing of a home or business unit. Our organization is recognized for its comprehensive knowledge of the regional rental and leasing market. We strive to provide optimal service, whereby the interests and wishes of both the renter and the landlord are carefully weighed, compared and considered. Using our own database, as well as a large network of landlords, we keep abreast of a continuous offering of residences which will fulfil your personal housing requirements.

Dependability, efficiency and quality are the qualifications we offer to provide you with the best possibility of successful intermediation

Information for landlords

When you decide to lease your home or business unit, one of our associates will visit the property with you and advise you on important issues such as rental-price, leasing period and leasing with or without furniture. This will help us to select the best candidate for you in a short period of time. An empty rental property is a costly liability for the property owner. RE/MAX Suriname is your partner in eliminating this with the right knowledge of the real estate market, the expertise, and above all the enthusiasm it takes to lease your rental property in a professional manner.

With a large database of rental-property seekers, national and international connections, and the website  at our disposal, we can find you the perfect rental candidate. We will screen the candidate via his/her identity papers, employment statement and other relevant data. If we do not have the right candidate in our database, we will advertise the property on our website, send emails to our regular customers, or advertise in local media to offer your rental property.

In short, there are numerous advantages for you when you choose RE/MAX Suriname as your partner. Quality and dependability go without saying.

Information for renter

When you live abroad it is nearly impossible to orientate oneself in the housing market in Suriname. Even when you live in Suriname it is still difficult to find the right home for you and your family. It takes considerable time to look for the perfect home and then to schedule viewings.  Time you rather want to spend on other things. 

That is the reason why so many housing seekers are using the services of RE/MAX Suriname. Through our personal, expert and dependable approach we offer optimal service. RE/MAX Suriname goes the extra mile. This allows us to optimally merge your housing wishes with a particular home and homeowner. Our method is guaranteed; whether the request is for short-term rental or rental for an indefinite period of time.

You can register by e-mails or at our office (Henck Arronstraat 102, Paramaribo). We do request you bring your identity papers and when the landlord requires so, a statement from your employer.

Of course, we first consider the homes in our database. If one of these listings meets your requirements we will arrange for a viewing so you can see the house or business unit. If you are interested in renting after this visit, we will arrange for you to meet the landlord. If the landlord then agrees to have you as a renter, the lease agreement can be signed. Sometimes none of the listings in our database meet your requirements. In that case we will use our vast network in order to find the right place for you.

After payment of one month’s rent, a security deposit and the intermediary fee, and the signing of the rental contract, the transfer of occupancy can take place on the agreed-upon date.

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