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When you are planning on selling your house you want it sold fast for the best price and under the best conditions. An advertisement in the newspaper and a yard-sign in your garden will not be sufficient to reach these goals. To sell your residential you need the following: a well-visited website, good marketing techniques, an appraisal report, a professional brochure, experienced conduct of negotiations, communication with candidates, a reputable name and the drawing up of a sales contract.

RE/MAX Suriname is an excellent partner if you want your residential or commercial property sold fast and for a good price. Our service is not limited to advertising in newspapers and putting up a yard-sign in your garden. At RE/MAX Suriname you will receive a professional appraisal report, a beautiful brochure of your property, a listing of your property on our internet site and on the official RE/MAX internet site, we draw up the contract for you and we accompany you to the notary’s office for the official transfer. Our Sales-Associates have in-depth knowledge of the real-estate market in Suriname. They have been trained to sell real-estate and do so everyday.

This is the reason why RE/MAX Suriname is your best choice when you wish to sell your house fast and for a good price.

RE/MAX Suriname Sales Associates:

  • know the wishes of prospective buyers and the financial incentives which encourage them to buy.
  • have an extensive portfolio of prospective buyers who are waiting for a suitable residential property.
  • have been trained in creative advertising to encourage prospective buyers to visit your house.
  • have been trained to select real buyers from the large group of people who show an interest. Thus reducing your inconvenience since only serious buyers visit your house.
  • have been trained to negotiate between you and the buyer to establish a win-win situation.
  • belong to the world’s largest real-estate network spread across over 80 countries. RE/MAX has more than 90,000 Sales-Associates all over the world who can help you find the right buyer for your property.
  • list your property on, the largest international website for real-estate properties!
  • send monthly emails with our listings to RE/MAX associates in The Netherlands and other international partners each month.
  • are available 7 days a week.

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