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Franchising is a form of intensive cooperation between independent entrepreneurs. Thereby, one party (franchisor) offers a complete business concept – "formula" – to another party (franchisee). The collaboration is aimed at creating added value for all stakeholders. ("Partnership for profit")

RE/MAX is the largest and most successful franchise organization in the world in real estate.
With over 35 years of experience...
In Suriname, as in other countries, RE/MAX will also gain a market share. Therefore, it is not surprising that you will come across our red, white and blue sale signs more often. Can RE/MAX perhaps add value to your business too?
The organization of RE/MAX aims to become market leader in Suriname. The question is not whether this will happen, only when. It is just a matter of time.
The RE/MAX franchise concept: "Everyone wins."
At the basis of the RE/MAX success, there is a prudential concept. RE/MAX is not just a marketing system. The result of such economic substantiation is: 
  • Maximum income for the franchisee
  • Maximum income for the broker/financial adviser
  • Maximum income for the consumer
If you join RE/MAX, you will get maximum support and make use of the range of services, products, platforms and programs that the organization can offer in terms of support including training, marketing, commercial and administrative support, technology and an international network. This occurs within a professional framework that allows you to stimulate optimal growth of your business as well as your own individual development. 
  • Maximum opportunities
  • Maximum service
  • Maximum support
  • Maximum promotion and marketing
  • Maximum quality
  • Maximum growth potential
  • Maximum professionalism
 RE/MAX as a prudential system
A franchisee with RE/MAX is the owner of a license that allows him/her to start a RE/MAX estate agency / financial service.
Each RE/MAX office is independently owned and operated by the franchisee.
The main task of a franchisee is the recruitment and selection of brokers/financial advisers. The latter are independent businesspeople (not employed) and enter into a relationship with the franchisee (the owner of a RE/MAX office) through an agreement.
The franchisee receives from each broker/financial adviser a monthly fee, which allows that with a certain number of brokers/financial advisers the business risk of the franchisee is covered. The franchisee fixes the amount and thus knows how many brokers/financial advisers he/she must recruit to achieve a break-even.
The franchisee also receives a fee for his/her activities as manager and risk-taker in the form of a monthly management fee, and a payment of a percentage of sales generated by the brokers/financial advisers.
The brokers/financial advisers on their side within the RE/MAX system are offered the highest possible compensation in the line of business. By offering the highest compensation, it is possible to attract and retain executives.
Experience in the brokerage and/or financial services industry is no requirement to become a franchisee
As stated before, the main task of the franchisee is the recruitment of brokers/financial advisers.
Successful recruitment is determined by: 
  • The speed and quality of the recruitment process
  • The professionalism and dedication of the recruited brokers/financial advisers
  • The number of agents recruited
  • The management skills of the franchisee
In addition to recruiting people, you are a manager and a coach. The brokers and financial advisers who join you are professionals in their field. They work with you and not for you. You take care of the infrastructure in which they are operating optimally. Therefore, they will be 100% able to concentrate on the activities in which they excel, namely the provision of real estate or financial advice, and focus on customer centric.
Providing an inspiring and supportive environment is also reflected in part to your personal skills as a manager, discussion partner, coach and figurehead of the RE/MAX office. 
A RE/MAX office has an intrinsic value. Your success is our success and our success is your success.
As a franchisee, you are the owner of a RE/MAX office and part of a growing and successful international organization.
You build a profitable company that delivers tremendous goodwill. Your RE/MAX office has an increasing market value, in line with your personal success and the continued success of RE/MAX worldwide.
Our success is your success, and your success is our success.
The number of new offices that join RE/MAX worldwide is growing day by day. More offices translate into added value for your own RE/MAX office. This is the strength of being part of a successful franchise organization, as opposed to managing and maintaining ownership of one's own business with an individual name that stands alone. You will benefit directly and indirectly from the success of the organization and may quantify this in the market value of your office, your investment.
Investing in a RE/MAX office is investing in the future!
Freedom of action in the broadest sense.
The RE/MAX concept is unique in many ways, it is a franchise concept but it is also a "concept of freedom". As an entrepreneur, you naturally want the freedom to act at your discretion, and rightly so!
As a franchisee, you have total freedom to make any decision as may be needed or desirable for an independent entrepreneur.
Within the RE/MAX system, except for the branding (Trademark and Graphic Standards) and our ethical code, no rules are imposed. You are free to decide how you fit out your office and how you will organize your activities.
Individuality and freedom of action is typical of RE/MAX and fits completely within the framework of customer-oriented services. The brokerage and/or financial services are a customer-oriented service and activity.
After all, the customer chooses for you personally. This individuality makes RE/MAX sell more real estate than anyone else does.
Time for action!
Of course, you will ask yourself what now. Let us know you are interested or would like more information about the RE/MAX Franchise Concept.
RE/MAX Suriname
Nassylaan 12
Tel.: +597 475577

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